Electric Power Generation

Ambitermo designs and installs electric power production systems, combined with the production of thermal energy.


The systems designed by Ambitermo are specifically engineered for each installation, always seeking to maximize and use energy through thermal energy in order to obtain a high overall performance.


Some of the various solutions installed are:

  • Cogeneration with gas or oil-fired engines or gas turbines, generating electric power and thermal energy (steam, hot water, thermal fluid);
  • Cogeneration with fuel or gas engines, generating electric power and direct thermal energy recovery;
  • Trigeneration with fuel or gas engines, generating electric power, heating and cooling;
  • Combined cycle cogeneration, with gas turbine and steam turbine, generating electric power, heating and/or cooling;
  • Electric power generation and heat (steam, hot water), with steam turbine powered by steam generated from biomass boilers or recovery boilers using hot waste gases from industrial processes.