European Community Support


Project Name | Amb RoboTOP

Project Code | CENTRO-01-0249-FEDER-043051

Main Objective | Strengthening research, technological development and innovation

Region of Intervention | Centro (Cantanhede)



Date of approval | 26-04-2019

Start date | 12-12-2018

Date of Completion | 11-12-2020

Total Eligible Cost | 3.147.304,33€

National/regional public financial support | 472.095,65€


Objectives, Activities, and Expected / Achieved Results:


The innovation in this project is based on process innovation, in that it advocates the adoption of significantly improved manufacturing methods, which will increase the company’s production capacity by at least 25%, while also assuming a degree of international dissemination.

One of the objectives is to allow Ambitermo to strengthen its internationalisation and its commitment to the export of its products and services, fundamentally through the evolution of its production processes, making them more automated, efficient and flexible in order to give added value to the product, while at the same time creating savings that allow it to place its products and services on the market at a more competitive price.