Incineration and Energy Valorization

Incineration with energy recovery has always been part of Ambitermo’s strategic goals since its foundation in 1992.


Based on experience over decades, Ambitermo has advanced technical know-how in incineration and co-incineration with thermal and electric energy production, having developed dozens of projects, with an expertise engineering team and technology partners.


Ambitermo has delivered many incineration projects, in the following areas:

  • Meat/slaughterhouses with thermal energy production
  • Animal food with thermal energy production
  • Waste paper recycling (RDF) with steam production
  • Animal carcasses
  • Municipal waste with steam production
  • Tires, with production of steam and electric power
  • Hospital waste with electricity production
  • Thermal oxidation with steam production



One of the most important elements in incineration is the combustion chamber where the burning of the waste takes place, which can be of different types, depending on the nature and quantity of the waste.
The combustion chamber can be static or rotary. The rotating chambers are more flexible in the type of waste to burn and capable of handling various refused derived fuels (RDFs).


Static chambers can be of discontinuous operation, with shutdown for ash cleaning, or continuous operation with fixed or mobile grid. Although the inicial investment is higher for continuous operation, greater efficiency and lower operating costs are achieved in most cases.

The gas treatment system is essential to remove hazardous substances resulting from combustion. In order to keep gas emissions within acceptable limits, a combination of wet or dry methods are used, including bag house filters, gas scrubbers, DeNOx SNCR or SCR systems and bicarbonate and activated carbon reactors.


Maximizing heat recovery from combustion gases generated in incineration is fundamental to get the full potencial of the investment. Ambitermo heat recovery boilers are used to produce steam for process or to generate electric power and are designed specially for each case.


We have co-incineration plants with water tube and gas tube boilers, vertical and horizontal. Based on the extensive experience of the last 30 years, special software and partnerships with other specialists, Ambitermo designs complete co-incineration plants, tailored to each specific case.