Demineralization consists of removing salts from water through ion exchange resins, leading to a high purity water quality. Each demineralization unit is composed of two resin columns: one cationic and one anionic. The regeneration of the resins and made with hydrochloric acid and caustic soda.

Since each unit of demineralization involves numerous calculations depending on the characteristics of the available water, the required water quality and the necessary flow, it is a complex system to properly design. Each case has to be carefully sized for proper operation. We have a specific calculation program and a long experience with specific cases for the sizing and programming of this type of equipment, to optimize operating conditions and operating costs.

Within the possible configurations, there are simplex systems (a unit composed of two columns) and duplex systems (two units composed of two columns each). The control valves may be AUTOTROL, SIATA or HIDRAMATIC (with automaton).

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