The selection of an ECONOMIZER for a given purpose must take into account a set of very important factors in order to achieve efficiency optimization.
The following must be taken into account:

  • Type of fuel;
  • Type of combustion;
  • Smoke gas temperature;
  • The available fluids for heat transfer and their temperatures.

After studying operating conditions, AMBITERMO designs the economizer, always taking into consideration cost and efficiency.

There are many applications of ECONOMIZERS, as well as the degree of efficiency achieved. For the recovery of part of the energy contained in the combustion gases of the fuel used before being expelled through the chimney.

The term ECONOMIZER usually refers to a system applied to a BOILER for the recovery of a part of the ENERGY contained in the gases coming from the combustion of the fuel used before being expelled through the chimney. However, the term ECONOMIZER can also be applied to all types of heat exchangers gas/liquid, gas/air, air/air or liquid/liquid, provided there is heat recovery, it can be applied in any type of industry, such as:

refineries, petrochemicals, iron and steel, chemicals, incineration, textiles, food /beverages, hotels, ceramics, etc., etc. As a result of high fuel costs, the application of heat recovery systems has become increasingly important, since they represent a good percentage of the necessary consumption.

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