Our water-tube boilers are designed according to client’s needs and can be monoblock type up to 50 ton/h @ 65 bar. These boilers may have one or two drums and they are manufactured almost complete in our workshop, shortening the assembly time on site. AMBITERMO boilers are designed taking into consideration optimized efficiency and reduced maintenance, with the following characteristics:

• Fully cooled membrane wall;
• Tubes welded to drums;
• Low thermal load in the furnace;
• High thermal efficiency;
• Low volume of water;
• Drainable superheater installed outside the radiation zone;
• Easy cleaning on the gas side;
• Easy accessibility to the interior;
• Integrated automatic control system.

The boilers are designed and built in compliance with European standards EN 12952 / EN 12953 / EN 13445, inspected and approved by Notified Body.

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